Ecopibes web site review & activities

Ecopibes is an Argentine web site dedicated to kids and ecology.  There are lots of ways to use this bursting-to-the-seams site.  Here are a few of theactivities I’ve done:

*Under “Problemas y Relaciones” on the menu on the left of the home page there is a section entitled “Pérdida de la Biodiversidad.”  Under the heading ¿Por qué se pierde la biodiversidad? students worked in pairs or small groups to read and summarize one of the five main reasons listed.  They then taught the class what they learned.

*Under “Juegos y Publicaciones” there is a game called “¡Orejas paradas!”  I use this to review the subjunctive of doubt and denial.  You can listen to recordings of creatures like animals or birds.  I ask students to say which creature they think made the sound and which creature they do not think made the sound.  (Pienso que….Dudo que…Es posible que…)

*Once again under “Problemas y Relaciones” click on “una red de problemas”  and then “Ingresa en esta red de problemas.” The red is a web map of problems and how they impact each other.  I created this activity to generate conversation around the themes raised.  Most were able to draw upon their knowledge of science and history to make some interesting observations.

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  1. Here you have and updated link to that website

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