El Tiempo es Hoy

El Tiempo es Hoy is a music video produced by a variety of Peruvian singers, musicians and composers about the impact of climate change on rural Peru.  It was released just prior to the UN’s climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, 2009.  One of the issues raised by the video is the responsibility of developed countries in the Northern hemisphere for negative environmental consequences in less-developed countries in the Southern hemisphere.  The video includes a number of different styles of music, including traditional indigenous instruments, and a portion of the song sung in quechua (with Spanish subtitles).  Although the words are quite repetitive, the video includes many dramatic photos with captions in Spanish.  The photos range from the altiplano to the Amazon and often address the impact of climate change on agriculture.  The video was a part of an international campaign based on the Midnight Oil song “Beds are Burning.”

Students can identify vocabulary concerning geography, weather, nature and agriculture.  Students can restate in their own words the perspectives of the singers and the people depicted in the photos and quoted in the captions.  (Spanish is mostly present tense, present perfect tense and some informal commands) The video is accompanied by an article that more advanced students can read to learn more about the motivations of the participants in the video.  Finally, students can write their reactions in the form of  a “comment” to be posted as a reply to the video.  (multiple perspectives, environment, systems thinking, interpretive–aural and written, interpersonal–written)

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