Peatónman: pedestrian rights

Peatónman is the creation of the Asociación de Peatones de Quito.  This new superhéroe seeks to make streets safe and cities walkable for its citizens.

This video shows a “live” Peatónman in action.  He stops cars from parking on the sidewalks and helps pedestrians cross the street.  Easy to follow, some Spanish subtitles, visual message.  Compatible with Spanish levels 2, 3 and above.


Peatónman en Sevilla is animated and includes Spanish captions with English subtitles.  Peatónman uses “formal commands” to give a little lesson in etiquette and safety for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.  The video can be stopped at various places for students to describe the scene (transportation and city vocabulary/ser vs estar descriptions) or predict the safety “rule.”  Students can make their own rules for their own community.

This video depicts the origins of Peatónman.  It is an engaging combination of live-action and comic book style word bubbles and captions in Spanish.  This is the longest video and includes some slang and idiomatic expressions.  Most appropriate for intermediate to advanced Spanish students.

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