VeoVerde: website review & activities

VeoVerde-el futuro es verde is full of articles, videos, maps, photographs on a variety of topics that could easily be mined for sustainability connections to curricular themes.  Below are just a few examples of what you can find.

flora y fauna

Una Carta del Elefante al Rey de España (¡me encanta!)  When we consider “multiple perspectives” don’t forget to include the flora and fauna.  After reading, students could write their own letters, create dialogues, talk shows or debates in which animals and plants have their say alongside human stakeholders.


50 Casas de Pájaros son Pintadas por Artistas de Distintos Lugares de Chile.  Can be included in a unit on the “arts,” including public art and art found outside the confines of galleries and museums.  (See also “Getting around in the city” for resources on art and music in Santiago, Chile’s subway system).

ciencia y tecnología

7 apps Verdes para Celebrar y Cuidar a la Tierra.  If you have access to the technology, students could try a few and write reviews.


Planta Tomates en Cinco Pasos y Consigue los más Frescos y Deliciosos.
 One year I took students out to the school garden.  We used the garlic, onions and cilantro from the garden to make salsa (tomatoes were out of season), using recipes the students had completed using the command form of the verbs.  The above article could be used as a model for students teaching the class “how to” do something, or you could follow the steps and grow your own tomatoes, noting the differences in seasons between Chile and the northern hemisphere and investigating the origin and history of tomatoes.   Students could also look at the labels in their local supermarkets to discover the sources of tomatoes when they are out of season locally.

Other topics on the site:  Cambio Climático, Impacto Ambiental, Mundo Marino, Energía y Recursos, Videos…etc.

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