Riesgolandia-a game about preventing environmental disasters

A fun way to integrate weather and geographical vocabulary while learning to prevent environmental disasters is to play Riesgolandia.  This board game was developed by UNICEF, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and EIRD.  Color PDF files of the tablero, two sets of cards with questions and answers and the rules of the game can be downloaded from the web site.  You’ll also need dice and piezas for your class (we used pennies, paperclips, scraps of paper).  2-4 students can play per board.

The game is an imaginary trip through Riesgolandia in which students need to safely navigate mudslides, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes to reach the end.  Along the way they learn how human actions, such as deforestation, impact the effects of natural disasters.  The cards give further instructions to players and test students’ knowledge about weather, the environment and safety.

To play, students need to be familiar with the present, preterit and imperfect tenses.  Although they were having fun, my students zoomed through the game the first time we played.   To help them make the most of the activity I asked them to jot dot down interesting facts or new information they learned.  They could also journal about their imaginary experiences, describing what “happened” and why, they could interview each other, write newspaper articles or create digital posters using formal or informal commands to give advice to people in their own community.

Intermediate to Advanced level Spanish.

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