Hogares Verdes y la Rutina Diaria

Hogares Verdes is a program developed by Spain’s Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente to help families make environmentally sustainable choices a part of their daily routines and purchasing habits.  On the web site you can download pdf files, brochures, power points, games, dinámicas and fichas educativas on a variety of topics ranging from how to compost, how to save energy at home, sustainable transportation and responsible consumption.  Here are a few examples of how these resources can be integrated into a typical beginning or intermediate level Spanish curriculum.

La Casa.  This ficha de Consejos de Ahorro en Electrodomésticos not only gives advice about the purchase of items, but also their placement in the house to reduce energy consumption. If your students design houses or rooms as part of a unit on la casa these suggestions can be used to make the living spaces more environmentally friendly.  Other ideas to consider are the placement of windows and outdoor plantings.  The ficha mostly uses present tense and informal commands to communicate the ideas.

La Rutina Diaria.  Actions such as taking a shower or bath, washing the dishes, using the bathroom and taking care of the lawn all use water.  La ecología en casa provides facts and suggestions for reducing water consumption.  Several pages in the ficha include clear visuals with a brief, easy to understand message.  Students can create a daily routine for ecological living—and a daily routine for UNecological living and compare the two.

De Compras.  In addition to this attractive Guia de Consumo Responsable y el Cambio Climático, other resources on making sustainable purchases include this activity on café y el comercio justo.  One or two pages of the Guía can be assigned as a short reading before role-playing purchases on the internet.  The café activity can be adapted by using local brands of coffee.

Los Coches.  When we think about getting around sustainably we usually think about walking, biking or public transportation.  This ficha, Consejos de Ahorro en Transporte, also includes a section on driving ecologically:  perfect for a content-based unit on safe driving practices.

The above is just a small sample of the resources available on the web site.  Enjoy!


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