Manualidades y Reciclaje: Make something awesome with your class!

If you’ve seen the movie Bag it you may remember these statistics:

*In 2008 it’s estimated that 2,480,000 tons of plastic bottles and jars were disposed of around the world.

*In 2009 102 BILLION plastic bags were used in the United States alone.

That’s a lot of material for arts and crafts day in your class!

Whether you want to lead your class to consider the origins and destinies of ordinary disposable products or you just want a fun activity to practice basic vocabulary to follow and give directions, I’m sure you’ll find many useful ideas through the links below.

La Bolsa Loca and Mis ideas recicladas  are two blogs from Chile that offer short videos, directions and explanations for creating a variety of objects from discarded materials.  You can even have your class come up with some ideas and submit them to the Bolsa Loca    for possible publication!  Both these blogs also sell products–their own and those of other local recycling artisans.

Reciclando en escuela is a fascinating blog from Spain by “Marta,” una mujer supercreativa.  You’ll find many photos to inspire.  Use the sidebars to search by material.  Or better yet have your kids search by material and propose something to make.  Ideas range from dolls, paintings, marble mazes, children’s games, toys….they can invent their own, too.

Gustamontón, tutoriales de manualidades, reciclaje y más.… includes 1-16 minute step-by-step video instructions.  Since the videos often show the materials and repeat the names of the materials it’s also excellent for vocabulary reinforcement.

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