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Vamos a la playa

Vamos a la playa, a mí me gusta……¿bailar?  ¿nadar?  ¿tomar el sol?  ¿LIMPIAR?  My students love to talk about (and sing about) the beach.  But no one likes to see the trash that washes up on shore.  This September 2012 … Continue reading

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actividades de comprensión auditiva

Radioteca is a web site dedicated to un intercambio de audios.  You can listen to or download free authentic Spanish-language radio spots, stories, news reports, interviews, literature and more from a wide range of countries.  Audios can be thirty seconds … Continue reading

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los medios de transporte-una actividad para nivel 1 ó 2

It’s easy to add a sustainability angle to an introduction or review of vocabulary for medios de transporte. First, I give students this handout with drawings of  el monopatín, el coche, el metro, el tren, el autobús, a caballo, la motocicleta, la bicicleta, … Continue reading

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La Conquista de las Américas

It is difficult to avoid the implicit (and at times explicit) racism in most re-tellings of the conquest of the Americas:  “The defeat of the Aztec and Incan civilizations by small bands of Spanish conquistadores must reflect the superiority of … Continue reading

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