actividades de comprensión auditiva

Radioteca is a web site dedicated to un intercambio de audios.  You can listen to or download free authentic Spanish-language radio spots, stories, news reports, interviews, literature and more from a wide range of countries.  Audios can be thirty seconds to thirty minutes or longer.  Search by country, format, date of uploading or theme.  The site currently lists 1,916 audios under medio ambiente.  Sub-themes or categories include biodiversidad, cambio climático, contaminación, desforestación, animales y plantas, desastres, energías alternativas, desarrollo sustentable and agua.

Una actividad

Below is a radio spot (under two minutes) produced and/or uploaded to Radioteca by Soberania 91.5 FM in Venezuela under the category basura/ciudad limpia.  The spot, mostly in the present tense, reinforces vocabulary such as basura, calle, carretera, reciclaje, vidrio, plástico/a, botellas, latas, residuos, cartón, envases, bolsas, tela, metal, desperdicios, as well as verbs like producir, tirardescomponerse and some numbers.  Students can listen to the audio for homework or in class and write a summary of the message.  (I’d let students listen to the audio multiple times.)  Then they can work in groups to produce and present visuals that go with the audio using pictures or photos from the internet, drawings and/or using the actual items and pantomiming the verbs mentioned in the spot (“separar botellas de vidrio”  etc.)  They could also create posters illustrating one of the lemas used in the spot  “Respeta la Tierra.  No contamines” or use informal commands to write suggestions (one affirmative, one negative) based on the spot’s message.

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