The blog 3.500 millones, sponsored by Madrid’s print and on-line newspaper El País, focuses on solutions to seemingly intractable problems such as la pobreza, la contaminación, el sobreconsumo y la indiferencia.  In their own words “3500 millones es la mitad de la población mundial. 3500 millones de personas condenadas cada día a la pobreza. ¿O no? Este blog es el relato de la contra-crisis y de sus protagonistas. Vivencias e iniciativas desde cada rincón del planeta que demuestran que lo más correcto es también lo más inteligente.”  Recent posts include Navidades sostenibles y solidarias; Salir de la crisis sin crear más pobreza;  Gitanos con estudios, Gitanos con futuro; y Soy agricultor peruano.  In addition to provocative articles that report on issues often marginalized in the news, you can find compelling photos, an occasional short video and links to ongs (all in Spanish, of course).  Students should find lots to consider and analyze when reading the posts and comments.  Exercises such as identifying fact vs opinion (or interpretation of facts), analyzing nested systems or the science behind the initiatives, finding and presenting “the most” interesting or effective idea on the blog are just some ways to create opportunities for students to use their emerging language skills to engage with the world.

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Spanish teacher and accidental environmentalist.
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