How to use this blog

The posts on this blog are oriented towards Spanish teachers working within the context of pre-existing world language curricula and textbooks.  Generally speaking the sustainability resources are meant to be integrated into, rather than replace, this curricula, since I suspect this is the reality for most of us.

I suggest starting with Why sustainability and spanish?  or the posts in the category Educating for Sustainability.   This will provide some background on sustainability principles in relationship to the goals and best practices for world language education and the ACTFL standards.

If you just want to get (or share) ideas, use the categories and tags to find what you’re looking for.  Categories are organized by “sustainability principles.”  Tags refer to other curricular connections or practical resources.  On this blog there are short videos, links to web sites, music, games, activities, worksheets, readings, pdf files of reports and articles, drawings and photographs for reflection, grammar connections, projects and ideas for creating whole units.  Please feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions and modifications to the ideas in the posts or share your own original activities.

The search button.  Most activities include ideas for use with students at any level of Spanish.   Some I marked specifically for levels 1, 2, intermediate or advanced students, up to AP Spanish Lit.  Use the search button to find these.  You can also use the search button to find resources on narrower themes, such as contaminación or árboles, or try searching for words like “African” or “Indigenous”  to find resources for integrating greater diversity or multiple perspectives into the curriculum.   You can also search for typical curricular themes, such as la niñez, los deportes or la rutina diaria.  If you can’t find something using the Spanish key word, try the English (and vice versa).

If you use any of the original materials I posted here, please cite your source 🙂

mil gracias

2 Responses to How to use this blog

  1. Great blog, Liz!! Where do you teach? I’d love to use your blog as a resource for my colleagues at San Diego Mesa College. Best wishes, Leticia

    • Thanks, Leticia. I just finished my 9th year at Princeton Day School (where there’s a wonderful sustainability coordinator). However I’ll be starting a new position at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore this fall. Please feel free to use/improve whatever you’d like. I’d love to hear ideas from others. Hopefully I’ll have time this summer to add some more posts!

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